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Do We Need Internet of Industrial Things? 

Not so many people know what the Internet of industrial things is. To put it simply, we can call it IIoT. It’s actually the use of IoT tools in engineering. It combines many data and technologies including M2M, sensor data harnessing, big data technology, and machine learning. The basic philosophy behind the technology is the superiority of smart machines over the human, especially in the fields of accuracy and consistency in capturing data. It will be useful to scan problems and inefficiencies sooner so there won’t be wasted efforts and money. Overall, such kind of technology is imperative in manufacturing. The only concern is related to the interoperability between machinery and devices that apply distinct designs and protocols.

  • Learn the Advantage First

Why exactly would a manufacturer want to get an internet connection? The internet provides the access to the data of such technology and backup applications online regardless the place, time, and type of the device. This means functional administrators are able to inspect particular inventories, machines, schedules, and others without hassles and in full details. Also, the executives are able to inspect the manufacturing situations and performances everywhere. Even though there have been many companies have eradicated the Ethernet network and replaced it with intra-factory communications, there remain some devices unconnected to the internet. This may cause the limitations of the devices’ function in IIot industry.

Although Internet of industrial things is important to be enacted, it’s quite imperative to pay attention to some tactics in order to match the company’s concerns. If necessary, the company needs to replace the entire unrelated devices in order to maximize the function of the network in providing detailed data for the qualified online users. This may require more attention to access and security control. Plus, the task must be conducted on a systematic basis gradually. There’s a possibility that several of the current equipment can be modified and upgraded to match the implementation of IIoT. As a result, there won’t be any replacement made.

  • Applying a Part-Way Tactic to IIoT

This type of strategy is more interesting as it gives more options in the long run. Also, it may reduce some security issues related to the function of such technology. It means that the current internal network will stay intact and even improved with the new installation of more devices and sensors. Even though some people may consider it incomplete, it can be quite a handy approach in the terms of visibility and tracking. Such kind of approach also gives the technicians an opportunity to separate the controls and internal data from the internet connection.

Overall, some companies overlook the importance of the Internet of industrial things in their manufacturing and business industry. Perhaps they don’t even know the function of IIoT too. The major problem is that the competition becomes tougher out there. Without simplification in the manufacturing and monitoring process, many companies may waste their time and money. Both the managers and executives need to cut the time when it comes to machinery and data inspection of their industry. The IIoT will be the part of the simplification, indeed. 

Some References of the Next Wearable

We can find many types of smart watches in the stores. Still, we need to know the next wearables that attract more consumers out there. The brands vary regardless the price, size, and many other factors. The risk arises when it comes to buying the first generation products. We need to know the overall details and functionalities beforehand. Otherwise, we get disappointed as we can’t wear something we really want. For this motive, a slight comparison will give us more insights about the item. These are some references of upcoming wearable produced by different manufacturers. Let’s check them out!

  • Apple’s Watch 2

The first generation had been announced 2 years ago alongside with the iPhone six. That item was reintroduced on the market around 2015. However, we can’t wait for the next generation of their smart match. It will be more enhanced both in the terms of concept and functionality. Many of us have been expecting the second generation of Apple Watch. In accordance to rumor, the product will be in the marketplace around April 2016. The rumor has it. The watch will include a FaceTime camera and wireless fidelity connection. It will be able to receive text messages and emails when we are away from our phone.

  • Outdoor Smart Watch by Casio

CES becomes the only product that stays away from the mainstream concept. We can really take advantage of their new outdoor smart watch later. The design is quite unique so we can have distinct fashion among the crowds. There will be some new features included for their next product. It includes the vibration proof, shockproof, and waterproof technology. Not to mention the moniker becomes full meaty. The name of the next wearables is WSD-F10. The overall quality will be great as the watch has been licensed by US military qualifications. There’s going a slight change on its LCD touchscreen with a secondary monochrome display. The battery capacity will be improved as well.

  • The Blocks

Many of us also have been waiting for a new modular smartwatch produced by the Blocks. Based on some sources, this item will be in the marketplace around May 2016. The item will include a longer battery time and wider display. According to rumor, the manufacturer may include the processor of Snapdragon 400. We need to wait for the further information announced by the company. Not to mention it becomes one of the most favored choices advanced watches.

  • Final Thoughts

It seems difficult to determine our choice when it comes to the next wearables. After all, we must pick one based on our preferences and budget. Each of us indeed has different needs when it is about buying a high-quality smart watch regardless the price and brands. Many of us will buy a particular gadget based on the popularity of the company. It can’t be the basic consideration, though. We need to know what kind of features and details included in the item. For more information, we should perform a little bit research in order to compare and choose the best smart watch for us.  

Pros and Cons of the iWatch, a Honest Review

The Apple watch is a very wonderful device, and I have used it since it came out, it has become my watch, and it is the most personal device that Apple has released. The iPhone 5 and up watch has many compatible features 40 colours, as well as different materials, and all kinds of watch brands. None of these accessories are cheap.

These start at around 349.00 and are not very cheap; the most expensive is about 17,000, and that means that these are really for those who are early adopters and those who want to have a new commodity. These numbers have been reflected by those who have not wanted to buy the new watch yet because it is still relatively priced out of the market.

The reason it is worth the price is being able to get text messages, mail and other applications on your wrist are great. However, I no longer am digging though my bag for my iPhone, which is always hiding; now I can see it on my wrist. There are many other ways to appreciate the wrist options such as being able to check into a flight with my wrist, or being able to use the applications that are on my phone without having to look for my link on my phone.

There are many other applications as well which are being developed by Apple, which are perfect for fitness such as the ones that let you know everything such as your steps taken, your calories burned, and the heart rate.

Apple has also opened its Engine, Digital Crown, and microphone for developers, and there are many new applications that are coming that are going to blow away the current experience. In addition to that, there is also now Wi-Fi connectivity, new faces, and Siri available on the watch.

Apple is in the process as well of creating a Find Your Watch tool that will be a smart leash for those of us who are always putting things in the wrong place. The watch will give you a reminder when you go too far from your watch as well which will mean that you are able to find it quickly. Not having to search for an iPhone every time there is a vibration is a luxury, but it is not one that everyone is ready to deal with yet considering the problems of the new technologies out there. What that means is that the current iWatch is still out of the price point of the average user.

When it comes to creating and using technology, it is important to make sure that the user is ready to pay the prices for the iWatch before he or she pays it. That means that it is very important as well to know your price point and your budget before seeking out the watch and make sure that it has been out for at least 6 months before purchasing. 

The amazing features offered by Google Glasses

Google glass is considered as one of the most interesting innovation by Google. This is a wearable gadgets which gets converted into an optical device. The gadget is a computerised version of glasses and is equipped with internet connectivity. The device has an optical head mounted display; you can wear it on your head just like your spectacles or sunglasses. It is the best hands-free solution for your smartphone though you can’t simply replace your smartphone with Google glass. The Goggle glass offers many features such as video recording, taking pictures, getting information and so on. The gear is quite light weight and comes in many colours.

  • Benefits offered by Google glass

Loads of features

The Google glass avails you many features. The gadget is very useful to perform the tasks generally you do day to day on your smart phones. You can have the liberty to use this incredible gadget with hands as well as voice commands. The best part about this is all the operations are extremely user friendly. The gear has its own navigation so it is also compatible with the direction based applications.

Benefits in education

Google glass gives you the chance to get the information available online. The device also allows video as well as audio recording which is very useful in a virtual classroom. As the glass has an augmented reality overlay it offers to view digital pictures which are projected on the glass. The gear creates a visual delusion you can actually have the experience of the live event. You can play your recorded tutorials and view them anytime.

Helps in your fitness regime

The Google glasses also have a health monitoring interface. The glass has a built-in chip through which you can track your movement. If you make use of some health apps you can track your pace, speed, heart rate, distance covered and the calories you burned during the workout. The gear also has a calorie counter which helps you in maintaining a nutritious and healthy diet.The gear also has a sunglass attachment which will help you in protecting your eyes in the sunny days.

Can collaborate with any smartphone

This is one of the important reason why people are so excited to get this gadget. The device supports all the leading operating systems like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and so on. The device provides a seamless integration with all the applications.

  • Conclusion

Though Google glasses are restricted on some areas the device is still a good option for the tech lovers. The most amazing factor about the device is it offers the liberty of choosing frames. Google has launched the gadget with partnership with the best manufactures like Oakley and Ray-Ban to produce more frame designs.  


What Is The Main Difference Between IoT and M2M?

Internet of Things and its frontrunner machine to machine has initiated many discussions from many industry experts all over the world. Remote device access is one common deliverable between both the solutions, so not the rising question is what are the difference between the two systems, lets have a look:

Core working of how to achieve the remote device access is the real difference between the two systems. In case of M2M approach, the communication is done from point to point by using hardware modules and wired networks or cellular connections. On the other hand in case of IoT, connection is established using IP-based networks which interfaces the device date to cloud network or to any middleware platform.

The real problem with the M2M is that its developers have failed to understand the inability to realize the forecast growth potential, and various reasons behind the failure of M2M. Though M2M offers better solutions for remote access to machine data, all these data are targeted at point to point solutions in service management applications.

The core concept of emergence of Internet of Things is integration of device and sensor data with big data, and other enterprise applications. This is one of the most important factors in achieving many benefits in the manufacturing enterprise that can lead to growth of the marketplace.

Accessing the remote devices, assets, machines and other entities is the main reason for use of both IoT and M2M solutions. M2M applications are typically used for connecting hardware modules that are embedded in a machine at the customer site which communicate with each other using wired networks or cellular connections to a dedicated software application. This capability also allows assets, machines or devices to reduce the service management cots using remote diagnostic services, remote updates and remote troubleshooting.

On the other hand Internet of Things involves a lot detailed services then M2M connectivity. IoT consists of the same assets, devices and modules as used in the M2M applications but it also allows passive sensors and low power as well as inexpensive devices which may not be able to justify the M2M hardware module. IoT also communicate using standard IP networks and the data which gets incorporates in the enterprise applications that enable not only better services but also better improvement in the new business models such as product services.

 High Order Benefits with integrated IoT

Because of enterprise integration IoT has a greater potential than traditional M2M service. IoT offers the potential of higher order benefit and also the ability to accommodate a wide variety of devices. IoT also provides the ability to access all these issues from a system level as well as the machine or device level and process bigger data to tweak out incremental benefits.

  • Internet of things. M2M- Machine to Machine 

It is becoming one of the most used services in many quarters. This also involves recognizing weather you need a point solution for service management application, remote machine access, and would look to gain benefits across the enterprise. Enterprise integration capabilities, software, scalability vs the hardware emphasis and use of proprietary device connections are some of the criteria which impact weather you need M2M or IoT solutions


The Immediate Future of Wearables 

At present, a lot of people have already shifted from desktops to smartphones and tablets. People have grown accustomed to using their mobile devices to browse online, do their shopping, and other stuff. But just as consumers have become accustomed to using their smartphones and other mobile devices, here comes another type of devices that are more portable and functional. 

At present, the most popular wearable technology is the smart watch. Apple, Samsung, and other major tech companies have launched their own smart watches in the past couple of months. Consumers should not dismiss this emerging technology as marketing hype. Wearables are here to stay, and their potential is limitless. 

In the near future, wearables will be part of intelligent systems that include other connected devices, such as appliances and even cars. It has been observed that most tech companies today are developing something that involves wireless connectivity. 

The future of wearables depends on how companies are able to hurdle over the challenges that the portable smart devices face today. These include the power source and interface. It is important for companies to ensure that the device is user-friendly and have a long battery life. It is also important to keep the users interested with their wearables. 

In the near future, wearables will be more than just smart watches. They will be apparels that are fitted with sensors. Nike is one of the frontrunners in sensor-equipped apparel. As wearables improve, they will allow coaches and athletes to better understand when they are overstressed, under hydrated or any other stat that can be measured by the sensor. 

Some wearables in the immediate future will be medical devices that have been personalised for the user. Researchers are already looking for ways to embed sensors in devices that will help monitor the health of the wearer. 

Wearables can also be used to improve security and authentication. Heart rhythm and other distinctive characteristics of a person can be used to replace other authentication methods, such as passwords. Forgetting one’s password will be a thing of the past if heart rate monitors can also be used with authentication systems. 

Another big thing in wearables is the smart eyewear. Companies are already looking for ways on how they can use smart eyewear to improve the productivity and efficiency of their operations. It will not be a surprise if smart glasses will become a required corporate accessory for several industries in the immediate future. 

There’s no doubt that consumers will embrace wearables in the near future. As the technology advances, concepts and ideas will become a reality. Current wearables will be improved, and new devices will be developed that will usher a new era of wearables.